STRAWS 350 and STRAWS 300 are two products manufactured by ETEKBUSINESS CORP, a Florida corporation with headquarters in the city of Orlando, United States.  ETEKBUSINESS is proud to say that it is an American company and the first in the world to develop a water purified made and assembled manually. One by one made by true artisans; and you! STRAWS 350 AND STRAWS 300 are two water purifiers that use the Ultrafiltration technology, as the best purifiers in the world. However, our purifiers present a fundamental difference when compared to the others: nobody will have to cut one in the middle, destroy it, to know what is inside it. We did it differently. We developed a transparent water purifier, with the world's best quality membrane, carbon capsule and other filter elements that exceed the demands of U.S EPA in every way. Our American model of water purifier, besides solving the problem of the risk of drinking no purified water, has brought an effective solution to the difficulties parents face so that their children can drink good quality water, which no American school guarantees to offer their students. ETEKBUSINESS, an American company, did all this and managed to put on the market a product with fair and competitive price.


-STRAWS-350 and STRAWS-300 are two Water Purifier and you can get collect water from puddle, stream, river or any other fresh water sources. Both products will make these contaminated water safe to drink immediately.

- Both products are very easy to use: just gently squeeze or turn upside down the collapsible canteen and let the water flow through the filter.

- Extreme 0.01 micron filter can removes 99.9999% aquatic bacteria (such as E. Coli) and 99.9% protozoan cysts (such as Giardia) to U.S. EPA / EU 98/83/EC drinking water standards.

- These products are perfect tool for international travelling, hiking, camping, backpacking, cycling, hunting, fishing, flood disaster, first aid kit, emergency etc. 


STRAWS-300 is particularly a unique product in the world and was designed to specifically meet the needs of the student child.


Products Details

Material: The tubes and membranes used in the cartridge and the plastic of the collapsible canteen are medical grade. Rubber rings, cartridge inlet and outlet cover used in food bottles and soft drinks, and approved by authorities in all countries of the world.

Membrane Certification: CE / EU, CIQ, EEC, FDA, LFGB, SGS

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked


Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

Type: Suck directly


Packing: As shown


Size: 180mm x 30mm

Separat parts: Collapsible canteen and leather handle



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

1pc in a gift box, 100 pcs in one master carton

Delivery Time: 7-10 days to courier.


- Are you the manufacturer or trading company?

Yes. We are the manufacturer company with professional R&D team.

- What’s the delivery methods?

FEDEX, HDL, UPS, USPS and Independent Couriers.

- What about payment terms?

Bank Wire (T/T). Bank account in the United State, in name of ETEKBUSINESS CORP.

- What's the MOQ?

500 pcs or negotiable.

- Can I purchase in a small quantity to test the market?

No problem. Trail order is welcomed.

- Can I put my own logo on the product?

Yes. We can ship the products without logo and authorize you to place yours.

- Is it safe for human consumption?

Yes. All of our products are BPA Free.

- Does the replacement filter and carbon capsule are sold separately?

Yes. Contact our sales representative, they'll quote you the best price.

- How could I know it’s time to change the filter and the carbon capsule?

When water flow slow down much, or even can not sip water through product, then it is time to change the filter. The carbon capsule we recommend to exchange every 100 gallons of purified water.



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